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Free Setup & Installation 

No connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, termination, credit card or shipping fees.

BYO Wi-Fi Router Friendly 

Bring your own compatible Wi-Fi router with basic SkyMesh support, or buy a new, plug-n-play router from SkyMesh. 

Australian Team 

Speak to our Brisbane-based expert team who are on hands 7-days a week, even public holidays, not an overseas call centre.

No Lock-in Contracts 

If you don't want to commit long term, you don't have to. You can always lock-in after a few months of using the service in return for other benefits.

10+ Years Experience

We've helped regional Australians access a better internet connection for well over a decade. From building our own wireless broadband networks to helping nbn co test and release some of their regional services.   

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Trusted by 35,000+ regional homes

Have been using SkyMesh as my ISP for at least 12 years. I have no problems with thoroughly recommending SkyMesh.

Dave - Maureen  - Reviewed Mar,  2019

Very Satisfied

J Simpson  - Reviewed Feb , 2019

Have been with them for over ten years, always been upgraded and nbn done efficiently. If I need them they ring back so I don’t sit online forever. Helpful, friendly.

Long Term Customer

We've been with SkyMesh for over a year and never had a problem. Competitive rates and easy to contact if needs be. Very pleased we chose SkyMesh. 

Murray - Reviewed June, 2019

Great Service 

1300 739 055

    Access fast, reliable internet at your regional home complete with unmetered content & burst speeds where available. Fair Use Policy applies.

Free Setup & Installation 

Standard installations are FREE and there are no setup or activation fees. All you pay is your chosen monthly plan which start at just $74.95 per month.  

Unmetered Content

Get more out of your data allowance with Unmetered Content. If any of your network traffic fits a special category, it won't count towards your data allowance. Keep it free for fun things like Netflix and Skyping the family. Some fair-use restrictions apply. 

Unshaped Network Traffic

Enjoy constant, unshaped access to Unmetered Content, even if your service has been speed limited. Network traffic such as email, basic web browsing and updates for some operating systems must be categorised as Unmetered Content by nbn co.

Burst Speeds

Download content even faster with the new supplementary burst feature. Under certain conditions on the nbn™ network, your service may be able to burst above the speed limits found on standard Sky Muster™ services.


Tasmania First Sky Muster User

Meet Chris Kisbee, who was the first Sky Muster service user in the whole of Tasmania. Both he and his wife are into gaming and have been happy Skymesh customers since 2009. 

Free Plan Changes 

You can change your plan once per calendar month, effective at the start of the next calendar month. There are no plan change fees. Data Blocks are expected to be released by nbn co later.

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Trusted by 35,000+

Regional Homes Across Australia

500+ 5 star reviews 


Off-Grid Living

Chris and his sons, Fletcher and Flynn, explain what off-grid living is like and how the Sky Muster rural internet service, powered by SkyMesh, enables them to live off-grid while staying connected to the city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my traffic will be categorised as Unmetered Content

During the trial of Sky Muster™ Plus, around a quarter of our test participants' network traffic fit a special category and was therefore unmetered. The proportion of your traffic that is categorised as Unmetered Content will depend on the particular content that you transfer.

Can I migrate between Sky Muster and Sky Muster™ Plus?

Sky Muster™ Plus services use the same hardware but are managed by nbn co on a calendar-month basis and are supplied on different terms. You can migrate each way between these services but your billing day may change and a new application may be required.

How is Sky Muster™ Plus different? 

Sky Muster™ Plus has special traffic categories and a shaping policy that gives customers access to Unmetered Content. The burst feature can, under certain conditions, give services the ability to exceed the speed limitations found on standard Sky Muster™ services.

What happens if I exceed my allowance? 

If you go over your Peak Data Allowance, Metered Content will be shaped for the remainder of the calendar month. Likewise for your Off-Peak Data Allowance. Data Blocks haven't been released yet so it isn't possible to increase your data allowance or remove shaping.

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Sky Muster™ Plus

New Sky Muster™ Plus Plans 



150GB Peak Data

150GB Off-Peak Data 

$0.67 per GB  

FREE Setup

Burst Speeds

Unmetered Content*

*Traffic must fit special category.
Fair-use restictions apply.

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Basic Web Browsing

Operating System Updates


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50GB Peak Data

50GB Off-Peak Data 

$0.75 per GB  

FREE Setup

Burst Speeds

Unmetered Content*

*Traffic must fit special category.
Fair-use restictions apply.

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Basic Web Browsing

Operating System Updates




ORDER NOWKey Facts SheetCritical Information Summary

100GB Peak Data

100GB Off-Peak Data 

$0.70 per GB  

FREE Setup

Burst Speeds

Basic Web Browsing

Operating System Updates


Unmetered Content*

*Traffic must fit special category.
Fair-use restictions apply.

500+ 5 star reviews 

Powered by nbn™ Sky Muster™ Plus

What are the fair-use restrictions for Unmetered Content

Although you're unlikely to bump in any of these restrictions, nbn co's policy forbids routine emails over 20 MB in size, operating system updates for more than 20 devices each calendar month and excessive, automated scraping of websites.

How fast is the Sky Muster Plus service

nbn co offers only one tier for all Sky Muster Plus services but that tier includes a burst feature. During our trial period, test participants typically achieved data speeds in excess of 40 Mbps and sometimes above 50 Mbps. This may not be indicative of commercial performance but we'll know more after the service is released.

Award-Winning Plans

"SkyMesh is truly committed to connecting regional Australia to quality internet services and has always been a strong provider of satellite NBN plans. Over the last 12 months, SkyMesh's satellite plans consistently offered consumers the best value and they are worthy winners of the Best Satellite NBN Provider award."

WhistleOut Publisher, Joseph Hanlon

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