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$79.95 /mo

until 31st May 2020

$89.95/mo thereafter 


$54.95 /mo

until 31st May 2020

$69.95/mo thereafter 

100GB Anytime Data

$0.55 per GB  

FREE Setup 

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$64.95 /mo

until 31st May 2020

$79.95/mo thereafter 

600GB Anytime Data

$0.11 per GB

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500+ 5 star reviews 

Sky Muster™ Plus

Sky Muster™


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Starting from 

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May be shaped between 4-11pm


May be shaped between 4-11pm




Comparing nbn Satellite Internet Services 

Sky Muster™ Plus vs. Sky Muster™


Nancy Ernst recently switched to Sky Muster™ Plus from a standard Sky Muster™ satellite internet plan. We caught up with her via a video call on Microsoft Teams to see how she is getting on. Hear her story and if she'd recommend other SkyMesh satellite customers switching to the new service. 

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"Providing reliable internet services to rural and regional Australia is what SkyMesh is all about, and they’ve proven that yet again by winning the Best Satellite NBN Provider award four years-in-a-row."

WhistleOut Publisher, Joseph Hanlon

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WhistleOut names SkyMesh Best Satellite NBN Provider for the fourth year running.

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**Under certain conditions, some of your traffic may be able to burst above nbn25/5. Speeds revert to nbn25/5 when bursts unavailable. nbn may shape certain types of traffic to slow speeds to protect the network if required. 

Alternative capped data plan also available from just $34.95/month for low internet use.

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**Burst Speeds Up To 100Mbps

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600+ 5 star reviews

Multi-Award-Winning Satellite Internet 

Access fast, reliable internet at your regional home from just $34.95/mo with FREE setup & standard installation.


Tasmania First Sky Muster® User

Meet Chris Kisbee, who was the first Sky Muster® service user in the whole of Tasmania. Both he and his wife are into gaming and have been happy SkyMesh customers since 2009. 


Off-Grid Living 

Chris and his sons, Fletcher and Flynn, explain what off-grid living is like and how the Sky Muster®  rural internet service, powered by SkyMesh, enables them to live off-grid while staying connected to the city. 

Trusted by 

Regional Homes Across Australia 

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Why SkyMesh?

Free Standard Installation 

No connection, setup, activation, establishment, upgrading, termination or shipping fees.

BYO Wi-Fi Router Friendly 

Bring your own compatible Wi-Fi router with basic SkyMesh support, or buy a new plug-n-play router from SkyMesh with free shipping. 

Australian Team 

Speak to our Brisbane-based expert team who are on hands 7-days a week, even public holidays, not an overseas call centre.

Optional Contracts 

If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment, you don’t have to. Switch your Sky Muster®  service to a contract after a few months to benefit from larger data allowances at no extra cost. 

15+ Years Experience

We've helped regional Australians access a better internet connection for well over a decade. From building our own wireless broadband networks to helping nbn™ commission some of their services.   

Unlimited Plan Changes 

Change your plan as often as you like without plan change fees. We'll just pro-rate the invoice from the date you request the change.

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FREE School Holiday Data 

During each school holiday, get some help keeping the kids busy with 10GB of anytime data on us. 

#1 Sky Muster® Provider

More Australians eligible for the Sky Muster®  satellite service have chosen and continue to choose SkyMesh than any other provider. That says it all.

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Been with SkyMesh satellite for 10 years and have always been happy. Customer service is exceptional, reliable, responsive and the staff are super friendly.

Marion J - Reviewed May,  2022

Hassle Free Internet

James M  - Reviewed May, 2022

From initial contact, installation, operation and customer service, overall exceptional and friendly service. Great talking to someone in Australia.

Great Service

Seamless streaming TV services. No dropouts at all. Maintenance is done in the middle of the night and you are given ample notification of this happening.

Nicole - Reviewed May, 2022

#1 Satellite provider

600+ 5 star reviews 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does satellite internet work? 

Ten ground stations across Australia beam internet to two state-of-the-art-satellites out in space, which in turn, beam down connectivity to rural and remote homes that are connected to the service via an installed satellite dish.

What is the wait time for the installation?

Depending on your location, nbn® aim to complete all standard installations within 20 business days of SkyMesh processing your order. Over 100,000 homes have now had the service installed. 

Where is Sky Muster® available? 

The Sky Muster® internet service is nbn's two billion dollar connectivity commitment for those hard to reach remote locations. It's the perfect solution for country towns, islands, and the outback. In short, any regional location outside of major cities which has been allocated the service as part of the nbn rollout.

What are the setup costs? 

Standard Installation are free and there are no connection, setup or activation fees. Just pay for your chosen monthly plan and Wi-Fi router (if you’re not BYO).

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Trusted by 55,000Regional Homes, Join Australia's largest Sky Muster® Satellite Internet Provider. 

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